New World Writing

For three decades the editor of the national print literary magazine Mississippi Review, since 1995 Frederick Barthelme has edited and published an online magazine variously called Mississippi Review Online, Blip, Rick Magazine, Stand Away from the Vehicle and most recently New World Writing.

In recent years the magazine has published fiction, essays, and poetry by Marcy Dermansky, Ann Beattie, Diann Blakely, Curtis Smith, George Saunders, Floyd Skloot, Thaisa Frank, Rose Hunter, Paul Maliszewski, J. P. Dancing Bear, Angela Ball, William Doreski, John Zheng, Elan Lafontaine, Woody Evans, Ashley Nissler, Frances Lefkowitz, Radhika Venkatarayan, Richard K. Weems, Jennifer Pashley, Alexandra Isacson, Kim Chinquee, Rich Ives, Mark Budman, Inderjeet Mani, Dinty Moore, Mary Miller, Victoria Lancelotta, Alan Michael Parker, Pamela Painter, W. F. Lantry, Ben Loory, Rick Moody, Rae Bryant, Gary Percesepe, Dorianne Laux, Arlene Ang, John Holman, Kate Braverman, Okla Elliot, Bill Yarrow, James Robison, Mary Gaitskill, T.C. Boyle, Sam Rasnake, Bob Hicok, Brad Watson, Kara Candito, George Singleton, Lori Ostland, Cooper Renner, Gerald Fleming and dozens more. All good and interesting writers deserving of attention.

NWW is also the location of the Mississippi Review Online archive (not the print magazine), which includes more than fifteen hundred stories, poems, and essays by such writers as Thom Jones, Ben Marcus, Francine Prose, Padgett Powell, Barry Hannah, Tom Drury, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rick Bass, Ben Neihart, and from newer writers like Brian Oberkirch, Michael Dermansky, Courtney Eldridge, David Ryan, Laurie O’Brien, Jaime Clarke, Stacey Richter, Susan Hubbard, Larry French.