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The Chicago Tribune

“All along the coast, here in Destin or in Galveston or wherever, it’s half chain restaurants and gas stations and condos, and half the world of the ’40s and ’50s–crumbling houses, apartment buildings, nightclubs and so on. And a building in the shape of a crocodile.”

The Nervous Breakdown Interview

“after a while you’ve been in a car crash or two, had a car stolen out from under you, been held at gunpoint a couple times, you’ve lost friends to drug deals, known people killed in robberies, in marriages . . . and you’ve snuggled up to a fair bit of death and injury by natural means . . . so all that stuff seems to make up a disproportionate part of your life.”

The Rumpus Interview

“I don’t know that I ever had a student that I actively disliked—okay, I can think of one. Two. Some were difficult, of course, but almost all of them were serious, complex, talented in various degrees, forthcoming, clever, funny—I mean, I could go on with this list of students’ virtues. Aside from the guy with the plate in his head who threatened me elaborately in pidgin English, and the one who plagiarized rather more of his thesis than is generally thought to be good form, I liked them all.”

How I Wrote It – Omnivoracious

“I like things quiet when I work, so night is good. I love the ringing in my ears and the comforting hum of the air conditioning, the hiss of cars speeding by . . . and I love the sounds made by home appliances–dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, hot water heaters, coffee makers. Some years ago I made a forty-two minute gourmet recording of my dishwasher. I made a demo CD called Great Washer and it was beautiful. It did not fly. But now, these many years later, some shallow personages are posting low quality digital files of their lesser dishwashers on The YouTube. Sleep aids, they say.”