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Jilly Rudolph was out on the deck when I woke up. It was three in the afternoon and she was out there flipping through the local newspaper. She was a woman from my office, midthirties, lanky, charming, a close friend who had stuck with me when I was dismissed from the design shop in Houston where we both worked. And she liked me, which made her a special favorite of mine. She’d had a short and lousy marriage in her twenties and hadn’t gone back to the altar. I was nearly two decades older, twice married, and a partner at Point Blank Design, at least until the other partners decided I was past my “use by” date and sent me into early retirement with a silver plate engraved with fine sentiments and thanks for almost thirty years of service. To say I was shocked would understate it. You do something that long and you figure you’ve probably made the cut. But the young people will have their way. Continue reading

There Must Be Some Mistake

A fiftyish graphic designer forced into retirement discovers, in spite of a parade of unlikely events, including numerous deaths, suicides, threats, explosions, and similar, that it might still be a bearable day in the neighborhood. A lovely new book from the author The New Yorker calls, “the master of the low-key epiphany.”

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Published by Doubleday in hardcover and subsequently in paper, the novel Waveland is set in the coastal town of  Waveland, Mississippi, a year after hurricane Katrina leveled the place. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions at Amazon and elsewhere. Continue reading