Wonderful Lisa Zeidner

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Poet and fiction writer Zeidner prepared a very kind review of esteemed author’s novel There Must Be Some Mistake on Goodreads which you may have missed! It is herewith linked PUSH ME for your delectation.

The Rumpus Interview Revisited

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Last fall Rusty and Carrie Spell interviewed the esteemed author for the online mag The Rumpus, wherein somewhat esteemed author discussed the new novel and diverse authorial tics and scratches.  PUSH ME, PULL ME

Some Reviews We Liked

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Dear Reader, Below please to find reviews and remarks concerning the author’s recent novel, There Must Be Some Mistake. Most of these are reasonably favorable, as you might have imagined, finding them here linked. Tzer Island Blog The New York … Continued

Wait–what did she say?

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  Propelled by staccato dialogue and a soundtrack of trashy television shows, Barthelme’s devilishly funny, gorgeously atmospheric, and wryly noirish farce brilliantly poses provocative questions about artifice and reality, loyalty and love, cowardice and valor. — Donna Seaman, Booklist

There Must Be Some Mistake

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Frederick Barthelme’s new novel There Must Be Some Mistake is due from Little, Brown & Co. in October 2014. In the novel a fiftyish graphic designer forced into retirement discovers, in spite of a parade of unlikely events, including numerous deaths, … Continued


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The novel Waveland was published by Doubleday in 2009 in hardcover and 2010 in paper. It is set in Waveland, Mississippi, a year after hurricane Katrina leveled the place. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions at Amazon and elsewhere. … Continued